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Flexible, secure payment options for
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PayBridge online payment solutions.

Our in-house payment system PayBridge offers three ways to help you get started taking online payments for your business. The payment options are easy-to-use, time-saving solutions for processing online transactions. You’ll get the peace of mind provided by a secure online environment.

What you get.


Easy to setup and use. Depending on the requirements of your business, we have a solution to get you started quickly with online payments. Our support team will make this easy for you.


No more manual processing of card payments. Create reports and breakdowns for all online payments. Get training and support by phone and online.


Our secure digital environment ensures transfers are safe, no matter which payment option you choose. We provide training and guidance to help detect and avoid fraud.

Which online payment solution is right for me?

Choose from one of three options to match your property’s needs.

  • Best for:
  • Properties with no card machine.
  • Cost:
  • Monthly fee.*
  • Used for:
  • All online and offline payments.
PayBridge Lite
  • Best for:
  • Properties with own card machine.
  • Cost:
  • No fee.*
  • Used for:
  • Online payments only.
Virtual Cards
  • Best for:
  • Properties with or without card machine.
  • Cost:
  • No fee.
  • Used for:
  • Virtual cards only.

*Please note bank charges apply per transaction.

Apart from not requiring a credit card machine, the ability to email a link to guests for their credit card payments is invaluable. No card details need to be sent to us and best of all, for overseas guests, there is no need to pay at a bank. All forex fees and charges are taken care of automatically. Also the rates deducted by PayBridge are very competitive, in fact better than any offered to me by a bank. The administration back up is very efficient with details of transactions and many other reports available. All in all it is a highly commendable and efficient system.

Trish Duncan-Brown

Hurlingham House

The system provides:

Agent, operator & supplier payments.

We offer a range of payment solutions to settle agent and operator payments. Use our payment solution for commissions and disbursements to suppliers too. Contact us to set this up for tour operators, travel agents and corporate marketing channels.

Excellent rates for all credit card payments.

Competitive credit card transaction fees – often are better than those offered by the banks. Contact us to find out which payment features are included at no additional cost and which, like use of the PayBridge gateway, incur a monthly fee.

Management reports.

Efficient administrative back up is provided for each payment. A breakdown of the details for each payment is accessible online and can be downloaded into Excel. Reports include payment reconciliations, transactions and a consolidated overview.

Flexible Gateway options.

Select the best option for your business. Choose our in-house PayBridge gateway. Connect to other payment gateways (Iveri, PaytoStay, 3G Direct Pay). Securely collect credit card details and process them via your merchant account.

Free and unlimited support.

Efficient and helpful support available via phone and email. Assistance with the set up. Training on how it works. Support with the administration of payments. Free and unlimited support for the right payment solution for your business.

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